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white as snow

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1 March
Welcome to whiterthensnow graphics
Hello, welcome to my graphics journal, feel free to friend it, and if you let me know about it, I'll friend you back. This journal was made to represent white_as_snow my graphics website. So if you'd please take a moment to visit it, that would be wonderful!

Layout by Minty_peach; header by me.
My interests/Fandoms
narnia & graphics making & film making & web programing & acting & reading novels & writing novels.

Narnia & Lord of the Rings & Star Wars & Spider-Man & The Little House on the Prairie :P & Pixar/Disney Movies & Lion King
My Graphic Rules
1. If you use my work, please credit whiterthensnow or white_as_snow

2. Do not alter my graphics in any shape or form, they were made the way I want them, and I want them to stay that way.

3. No Hotlinking

4. Do not use cruel effensive language on my journal. I'm a christain and do not appreciate it!
Examples of My Work
Communities I Mod




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